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Top 10 Free Video SEO Marketing Tips

Video SEO Marketing

Video SEO Marketing is now big business. Many sites such as YouTube offer video creation and sharing. From a marketing perspective some of the world’s most popular sites are those that contain videos and as such videos are now vital equity for any marketing strategy.

Top 10 SEO Video Marketing Tips

Video Killed The Radio Star

Top 10 Free Video SEO Marketing Tips


1) Video Profile:  Its vital that your Video profile is not only engaging, if there is a profile box in there fill it with relevant website links and other social media links. A good well thought out video profile can be used as a channel to sell to any subscribers that may come along

2) Video User name:  Whichever video website you are using to share your media make certain the the user name is highly relevant to your branding. Don’t make the user name too long, complicated user names dilute your Video SEO marketing strategy. If you are trying to sell products through video then obviously make the Video user name related to the products.

3) Video Branding Brand, Brand, Brand with any marketing strategy branding is important, but particularly so with video marketing, use colours that will match your brand and invest in a top quality custom background.

4) YouTube for example offers a Video Featured Tab use this in preference to the standard default tag. This will give you a big video that will auto play when someone clicks on it. Remember, the objective here is to attract as many people to your video channel as possible and of course gain those all important views. ( Steer away from any “buy so many clicks” service offerings- they are often more trouble than they are worth & people are wise to this) Video SEO Marketing needs to be ethical too remember!

5) Video Creation When creating a Video, especially when its marketing your services or product don’t make it too long. Ideally, you are looking for a time length of 2-3 minutes and the 3 minutes is maximum. Ask yourself would you sit and watch a marketing video for 30 minutes?

6) Video Playlist When you have built up your video collection, make certain you showcase your best work by creating a playlist. Multiple views in just one session is exactly what you are after here.

7)  Direct Video SEO Marketing Tips Are: include a call to action towards the end of the video. Remember, watchers need guiding on what you want them to do next. Visit a website or call you or simply fill in a form. Make the call to action clear.

8) Multiple Video Website Submissions Submit your videos to as many video sharing sites as possible. Just search Video Sharing websites in Google and get submitting. Exposure is key, so the greater number of websites your video features on the better.

9) Geo Tag Videos Don’t forget to Geo tag your video. Localisation in Search is key these days and we all know that’s the way Google are heading. Tagging effectively goes without saying really, but don’t keyword stuff your video tags make certain they are relevant.

10) Video Titles Your Video Titles are key to the video’s success online. So make certain they are keyword rich for your industry and use capitalisation effectively for eg. Video SEO Marketing Tips another good tip for video titles is to use a colon after initial keyword phrases. The colon strategy help capture people who search for videos but use 2 similar or different phrases.






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