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SEO Audits

SEO Audits

In this age of website competition getting a reliable SEO Audit report is essential for any seo campaign.

An Seo Audit Report can give you the vital information that you need to optimise your website in a way that attracts converting visitors and really bring your business to optimium visibility.
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A good seo audit can highlight the necessary changes that your website needs in order to optimise the site for the targeted keywords that are likely to attract visitors to your online business.

Benchmarking a website is vital to obtain the necessary statistics in order to maintain a highly relevant SEO Strategy. An Seo Audit should include an in-depth review of your website including such vital information as url structure, on page analysis, off page analysis and relevant link information.

An SEO Audit should not cost the earth. A good price for a standard seo audit report should be around £200.00, this should include basic information such as website structure, website goals within the audit and title tag and meta data reviews. Within a standard seo audit link analysis should also be included.

Advanced SEO Audits

What about a more advanced SEO Audit?

Well an advanced seo audit, will of course go into much greater detail than a standard seo audit. An advanced SEO audit should of course review a greater number of pages contained within your website and a good cost for an advanced audit is around the £300.00.

The Advanced SEO Audit will contain all of the information found in the standard audit but additional data about extra pages on the website and more technical issues such as website coding, detailed back-link analysis and further seo strategy such as social media.